Mission and History


The LIFE Center of the Suncoast - Mission

The LIFE Center of the Suncoast, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.  Our mission is to empower individuals, couples, families and children to model positive attitudes and healthy behavior through a lifelong commitment toward inner healing, emotional peace and ongoing wellness. We support the continued provision of emotional wellbeing, education and counseling to those who have experienced grief trauma and loss.

Our History and Founders

  • Marty Cohen, Ph.D. Founder and Clinical Director (retired) A practicing, licensed psychologist for over 35 years, Marty has helped people transform their perceptions and feelings into new forms of understanding and growth. He has also directed award-winning mental health programs and provided extensive training to thousands of health and mental health professionals on such topics as dealing with loss, coping with traumatic stress, and psychological first aid for terrorism and disasters; and he currently serves as Clinical Director of the Tampa Bay Region’s Critical Incident Team and the State of Florida’s Disaster Behavioral Health Team. In the business world he is an executive with the consulting firms of Corporate Crisis Management and Maverick, LLC, and has provided consultation, team-building, executive coaching, and leadership training to a wide array of corporate clients.      
  • Marilyn Gatlin Founder  (Deceased) In 1981 Marilyn Gatlin co-founded The LIFE Center (TLC), formerly known as The Suncoast Center for Attitudinal Healing.  Marilyn was inspired to start the Tampa Center through her spiritual work with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, originator of the Centers for Attitudinal Healing in California.  Though Marilyn went on to found The Pilgrimage, and train hundreds of healing touch practitioner in St. Petersburg, her first love remains as spiritual mother of The LIFE Center.

Who We Are & What We Do

"The LIFE Center continues to be one of the best professional referral sources for helping people through  post-trauma and grief."  Dennis M. Ross, former President and CEO, Crisis Center of Tampa Bay